hi, I'm Nati!



I was born in 1994 with a keen eye for detail. Most of my time is spent exploring the quirks and nuances of game design, and experimenting with different approaches to creating art. I'm at my happiest when working on something creatively challenging!

Designing video games is my main passion. 💖 I strive to create polished and memorable experiences!


You can play my first completed solo project Flowerdrops right now! I've also worked on numerous other prototypes and oddities over the years, and have become quite proficient with GameMaker as a result. I'm open to collaborating with teams, so if you've got a cool project, let's talk about it!

Painting pretty pictures~

I have experience in all sorts of styles, from portraiture, cartoons and comics. I'm always exploring new techniques and branching out my skillset. This includes 2D Animation, 3D Modeling, and even Pixel Art. Need a T-shirt design? I've got you covered. Regardless of the medium, my goal is always to create something eye-catching and brimming with personality.

Let's work together!

I  have a wide variety of skills within game design and artwork. For a detailed overview of what I can bring to the table, check out the Skillset page!

See more art on my Instagram @natikatz.art!