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I've got diverse skills in both game design and art. Explore examples by clicking on an item in the folding list!

At this point, I have prototyped more game concepts than I can keep track of! Rapid iteration is where the magic happens for me, and I enjoy the challenge of breaking down complex problems into their essential components. I've dabbled in lots of genres and mechanics, and try to learn something with each project. Whether it's a set of mechanics or an entirely new game, I'm ready to tackle another design challenge.

My primary area of expertise is GameMaker Studio, which I've been using for almost two decades. I know the quirks of GML programming, and have built up tons of experience in planning out and programming game mechanics using it. I also have a small amount of experience prototyping with Unreal Engine and Unity.

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Designing and implementing user interfaces is one of the things I've spent the most time on in my career of creating games. I've used a variety of tools including Lucidchart for planning out UI plus Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint for creating final visual assets. From the initial rough-out stages (mapping out the flow, and creating eye-catching mock-ups) to implementing the final touches that make it look just right, I'm with you each step of the way.


Whether you want a clean and streamlined interface or something full of pop and quirk, I can make it happen. Game UI deserves to shine!

To me, no game ever feels truly complete until it has at least a bit of that "oomph" factor. Whether you call it polish, style, juice, or pizzazz, I speak that language fluently and I absolutely LOVE adding it to games.


I strive to achieve this extra layer of appeal through a deliberate mix of stylish particle effects, aesthetically pleasing animations, and thoughtfully crafted sound design. These elements work together to give games that extra satisfying feel and make them stand out from the crowd. There's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a game come to life with that extra dose of style and flair.

Sound design can easily make or break a game! As a solo game developer, I've had the opportunity to develop unique skills when it comes to audio. I've spent countless hours in Audacity, doing Foley work recording, trimming, editing, and organizing of audio clips for my projects. I have also crafted sound effects from scratch using niche tools like LabChirp.


Implementing these sounds into my games is just as important as creating them! I understand the importance of using techniques like pitch-shifting and randomization to make sounds feel more tactile and realistic. From the satisfying *click* of a UI button, to the *crunch* of a powerful weapon, I've enhanced many of my games with hundreds of carefully crafted sounds.


I like to approach sound design as an experimental and freeform part of the game development process. Through exploring different approaches to sound, it's possible to add so much personality to experiences. If you've got a project that is lacking in sound effects, let's talk about it! 


My recent Survival Horror project "ODR: The Sunken Flesh" has many great examples of my sound design work. Check out the trailer below!

I am quite proficient in Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and Open Broadcast Software. From recording gameplay clips, to editing together polished trailers, I can put together video assets that will help your project stand out from the crowd.


I will note that video editing is one of the areas where I have the least professional experience behind me. However, I make up for it with my eagerness to learn and my ability to adapt quickly to new challenges.

My passion for art knows no bounds, and I have experience in many different styles and disciplines. From portraiture, to bold eye-catching caricature, or even pixel art, my art skills have a ton of range.


I'm most comfy working with digital painting tools like Clip Studio Paint, but I have worked with other graphics programs like Photoshop and Paint.NET for all manner of image creation and ProMotion NG for pixel art/animation/tilesets. I also have a solid foundation in Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate) which means I can bring basic 2d animation skills to the table, too!

I have a small amount of experience in 3D asset creation using Blender. Between modeling, UV mapping, and texturing/shader creation, I have a solid foundation to work with other artists in the game development pipeline. I'm particularly eager for new challenges in this area!