Flowerdrops is a simple & peaceful game about growing flowers with bouncy drops of water! It has a uniquely chill atmosphere and lots of goodies to uncover. The universe is your garden!


Key Features

🌎 Play 100 levels across nearly a dozen worlds with distinct visual themes

🎮 Discover dozens of gameplay mechanics that interact with each other in novel ways (Sprinklers, Water Balloons, Holograms, and so much more!)

📕 Catalogue your flowery findings in the Gardener's Guidebook

🎵 Relax and enjoy the soundtrack, featuring fantastic original tracks by AJ Booker

🎩 And, of course, Unlock Cute Cosmetics for your cloudy friend! 


It is currently available for Windows (free or pay-what-you-want!)



ÓÐR: The Sunken Flesh is a Survival Horror game set in a mysterious 'sunken labyrinth'. Wield flares, ration your oxygen, avoid ghosts, and collect keys as you slowly untangle this twisted web of flooded corridors as you attempt to escape with your life.


Originally created in 5 weeks for Liminal Game Jam 2023


The prototype is available for Windows (free or pay-what-you-want) on itch.io!


ViViD Relapse is an episodic platformer following the plight of Burt; a troubled man who tries his best to live and cope with disease, both mental and physical.



The original rough version, simply titled "ViViD," was created way back in 2010, with a expanded and reimagined version released in 2019. Future installments are 'coming eventually.'


Episode 1 is currently available for Windows on Itch.io.


Misc. Prototypes & Oddities

Smaller game projects & experiments!


"The demons are here to steal your dopamine!"


INFINIDEMONS is an RPG with rogue-like elements, featuring a cast of bizarre cartoony demons. Your only chance to defeat them is by using a time-stopping device and steering your bullets towards their hearts.


Also features the "Demon Maker" which would allow players to create & customize their own demons and combat scenarios.

Prototyped from 2019-2020 and revisited in 2022.

Untitled Skull Game

An experiment in creating a chaotic arena twin-stick shooter, in the vein of classic arcade games like "Smash TV" and directly inspired by "Devil Daggers" and "Tormentor X Punisher"

Dodge attacks from gruesome enemies and defeat colossal boss creatures, all while eating their guts to absorb their power.

Prototyped from 2017-2019.


"Blokes" was a playground project for me, combining my love of 'juicy' effects and satisfying sound design.


The project itself didn't get very far, and the game itself doesn't really have a goal or fail-state. I didn't exactly plan for those things, and just wanted to keep it as freeform and experimental as possible. But, despite those shortcomings, it's surprisingly fun to play and I would love to revisit this idea someday!

Prototyped during Devtober in 2020.